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Prescription Lenses

Our doctors always prescribe you the best available lenses for your prescription, because they give you better vision and protect your eye health. We use the latest, most cutting-edge technology available in prescription lenses from the best lens design researcher in the world, Hoya Vision Care.

Most patients with low to moderate prescriptions will receive the lightest weight, most durable, most distortion free material available called Trivex. Patients with higher prescriptions receive high index 1.70 lenses that have all of the same great design benefits but are also extremely thin. Progressive (no line bifocal) lens wearers receive revolutionary technology to make your far vision, middle vision (computer vision) and near vision the best it can be in a progressive lens design. All of our lenses come with the latest and greatest anti-glare technology, Hoya EX3 or Hoya RECHARGE, which is glare resistant, smudge resistant and tougher than glass to scratch.

Because of the quality of these lenses, the manufacturer provides a best-in-industry two year warranty against scratches and defects. When you have lenses from First Eye Care Killeen, you not only have the latest lenses and coatings currently available, but your investment is completely protected. You will literally see the difference through our lenses! Check out the attached pricing list for our great prices on the best lenses available, and go to www.hoyavision.com for detailed information about the lenses you’ll receive.